Injection LED Module

Injection LED Module


7115 Full-Color Ultrasonic Module

Price :
Model : 7115 FRGB
Specification : 71x15 mm
Power : 0.72 W
Color : Full Color
Brand : HYH
Voltage : DC12V
Type of LED : 5050
Warranty : 2 Years
Features : High brightness, Long lasting
Lighting Type : Glow Sign Board
Viewing Angle : 160°
Product Advantages : Full Color
IP Rating : IP 68
Case Materials : ABS + PC
Product Information
HYH-7115 full color LED module, using MT-26803 chip. MT26803 is a built-in pattern 3-channel LED driver IC, which integrates MCU digital interface, data latch, LED driver, pattern control, built-in pattern control and other circuits. Using single-line return-to-zero code protocol, the color lattice light emitting control is realized by peripheral MCU control, and the internal pattern control is started without peripheral MCU control. The product has excellent performance and reliable quality. Automatically detects the presence of controller input and starts the built-in pattern without controller input. (This video has no controller input) The pattern is as follows: (For each group of 16 lights, the meteor runs in the direction of the input.
* Synchronous light off
* Synchronous gradient
*7 colored water
* Meteor (with and without white spots)
* Two spindle shapes (with white spots)


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