Injection LED Module

Injection LED Module


220V 6313 Ultrasonic Led Module

Price :
Model : 220V 6313 Ultrasonic Led Module
Specification : 63 x 13 x 9 mm
Power : 1.5 W
Color : CW/WW/NW
Brand : HYH
Voltage : AC 220V
Type of LED : SMD 2835
Warranty : 2 Years
Features : High brightness, Long lasting
Lighting Type : Glow Sign Board
Viewing Angle : 160°
IP Rating : IP 68
Case Materials : ABS + PC
Product Information
AC 220V/110V 6313 Ultrasonic LED module
AC direct 220V/110V 1.5W 6313 Ultrasonic LED module, which adopts 2835 SMD, Ultra-low light decay, long lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, the aluminum plate circuit board is furnished, fast heat transfer diffusion, Droop small. The lens is 160-degree angle, which make the light more even, no spot, good color uniformity.
1. AC220V Module adopts 2835 led, super bright, perfect uniform light color, good anti-static.
2. Input range is 200v-240VAC 50hz / 60hz, PF>0.9, effectively reduce the loss of power network and improve the efficiency of power system.
3. It has a big viewing angle 160°, perfect uniform and even light.
4. Module uses fireproof housing material, waterproof degree is IP68.
5. 20 pcs per string
1. Apply to 6-15 cm depth single-sided light box, support to advertisement signs and professional LED advertising board.
2. AC LED module is directly driven by AC power. It does not need to use a power supply to convert AC to DC, which is convenient and fast, and it also saves a power supply cost.
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